May 14, 2019

The Future of Marketing and Advertising

You can’t talk about the future of anything unless you have a past and a present! Everything evolves somehow and there is a general idea about a concept based on the events and actions experienced in relation to that concept.

As you are reading this article you are expecting a straightforward answer, here we will give it to you in the next paragraph but make sure you are reading the rest so you will understand how we got to these conclusions.

Marketing through educating the customers and advertising through subliminal messages. While the traditional and digital marketing and advertising are and will be still applied by businesses around the world, the future will need something more creative in order to keep selling and be efficient in marketing/advertising their products.

Why? Because almost everyone wants to make money by being independent, by having their own businesses, their own products or services. Everyone has easily access to information and tools to create a business overnight. Most of the businesses today do not appear because of a necessity, they do not grow or expand naturally. Everything happens artificially. Customers are lead to buy products or services that they don’t even need. It is just about the desire/temptation created to make that customer buy.

So, in a market oversaturated by temptations and top sales masters we have also tiered customers that reached the maximum buying potential allowed by credit cards supplied by banks. The struggle is not anymore of the customers to refuse but to choose as a natural result. The struggle is on the businesses that are trying to survive.

There are businesses paying over 100 k in a year for advertising with 0 return of investment especially in the services category. Why? They put their all efforts on third party advertising platforms forgetting to invest in networking and meet face to face with potential customers. But some even doing that forget about the natural interaction and they are focussed only on selling and closing the deal on the spot.

The past, present and future is about creating the environment, preparing the customer embracing/accepting the product/service. The businesses/brands that will adopt that (are already using this strategy) will survive. They just need the patience and investment so they will have positive results. How to educate those customers in your field of business are just technical details that markgency or other similar marketing agencies could do it for you.