July 2, 2019

Thea – Branding

Excerpt from the Creative Brief for the new branding

Q: Your business mission statement:
A: top quality , unique design, exceeding expectation

Q: What is its objectives? What do you want your logo/brand to achieve?
A: elegant, tasteful, intriguing, confident, wake up ones interest

Q: Design preferences – Describe the branding & identity to be achieved. Does it need to complement the organisation’s existing branding (logo, font, colours)
or is it purposely differ-ent?
A: it needs to represent the company and what it stands for: professionalism, elegant, tasteful, unique; colours and fonts do not necessarily need to indicate or “look” like a flower – but more as a professional “service”(by service, i am referring to the designs) provider
A “General” Logo for style & design , professionalism& Uniqueness – for floral arrangements, ornaments, office spaces, entrances, lobbies, people, …etc.

Q: What colours would you like for your logo/brand/website?If web safe or exact colours are required please provide PMS, CMYK or RGB values.
A: dirty pink & black; dirty pink & white; black & white

Initial Logo Options to choose from