Thea – Branding

Excerpt from the Creative Brief for the new branding Q: Your business mission statement: A: top quality , unique design, exceeding expectation Q: What is its objectives? What do you want your logo/brand to achieve? A: elegant, tasteful, intriguing, confident, wake up ones interest Q: Design preferences – Describe the […]

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Digital Banner Advertising

Somehow we forgot about the term “banner” that was related to that catchy ad on a website that you wanted to click on it just to see what is the message behind it. Today we are talking about social media advertising – because there are most of the internet users […]

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The Future of Marketing and Advertising

You can’t talk about the future of anything unless you have a past and a present! Everything evolves somehow and there is a general idea about a concept based on the events and actions experienced in relation to that concept. As you are reading this article you are expecting a […]

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