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At Markgency, we’re proud of the collaborations we forge and the quality of work we deliver. One of our most notable projects in recent times has been the revitalization of the Parent Project” logo in close partnership with Coding Heads, a premier website development agency.

The project commenced with the essential task of vectorizing the previous iteration of the logo. This process ensured that the logo maintained its integrity and sharpness across all platforms and sizes. As we delved into the redesign, one of our primary objectives was to recalibrate the logo’s alignment and proportions, ensuring that the fonts and icons harmoniously coexisted. The meticulous attention to alignment and size details allowed for an improved visual flow and readability.

The subsequent phase involved a strategic font overhaul. Recognizing the ever-evolving trends in design, the decision to transition to a contemporary typeface was pivotal. The new font not only breathed fresh life into the logo but also resonated with the modern aesthetics of today’s digital landscape. This transformative journey from the logo’s older version to its current incarnation exemplifies our commitment to keeping brands relevant, dynamic, and impactful.

Collaborating with Coding Heads was an enriching experience, with both teams pooling their expertise to ensure the “Parent Project” logo not only stood out but also told a compelling visual story. This project stands as a testament to what collaborative creativity can achieve, and we’re excited to showcase it as a hallmark of our combined efforts.

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